Furbert's Grove

Howdy! I'm Furbert, aka Furb. I'm a GNC girl (she/her) and hobbyist digital artist from the Great Lakes region. I love crafting worlds for my characters to live in, more info on these worlds can be found below. When I'm not drawing furries, I'm out volunteering or birding! I'm autistic and birding is my special interest. I'm friendly - contact me anytime!

¡Hablo un poco de Español!

I like... reading, being outdoors, the great lakes, birding, falconry, fishing, the colors green & purple, horror media & analysis, identifying species, my cats, biology, ecology, mycology, meteorology

My Work

My work focuses on anthro and feral characters! It's rather variable but I particularly enjoy exploring character dynamics, world-building, and horror. I work on them when inspiration strikes, so development may be sporadic and much of it is private.

    The Catamounts - OC story following the Catamount family for three generations, mostly focused around Jane Catamount's coming-of-age after her grandfather's death. Themes of identity, relationships, and the shifting natures of time & self. Comfort project.

    Heart Rot - Mystery-horror-drama following Pickerelstripe of ClayClan as she deals with both personal issues and a strange new threat. Themes of redemption, self-worth, mending broken relationships, and loss. Horror based around mimics.

    Stars Above The Lake - Long-running project following the lake Clans after a storm separates them from StarClan. Themes of radicalization & de-radicalization, political drama, brotherhood, and existential dread. Currently on soft hiatus while I rework it for the third time; it's existed in some form since 2016!

    The Douglas Association - TMA headworld, following head archivist Pasha and her assistants. It's a tragedy about hubris chewing up and spitting out a group of well-meaning people, but it's pretty light-hearted.

    This Way Rides - WIP fantasy western about a coyote cowboy and his weird god.

My Favorite Things

  • Music - the Mountain Goats, The Oh Hellos, The Magnetic Fields, San Fermin, Mitski, Ezra Furman, Advance Base, Talking Heads
  • Horror Media - This House Has People in It, The Dionaea House, Nope, The Thing, Anatomy, MyHouse.wad, My house walk-through
  • Podcasts - The Magnus Archives, The Silt Verses, Life List
  • Films - Interstellar, Happy Feet, Flatland, Into The Wild, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Rango, The Big Year
  • Places - Northwoods WI & MI, the great lakes, prairies, wetlands
  • Bird species - American goldfinch, eastern bluebird, American coot, common loon, wood duck, cormorants, all North American raptors... and like a hundred more lol

Other things I enjoy so much they've been given their own pages: poetry, videos & video essays, web stuff

Have a nice day!